I’m Atabak Ghadimi, also known as ATA. I was born in February 1987 in Tehran and now live in Istanbul. My passion for art began with graphic design, which I studied in university. However, my curiosity for the 3D world of animation and visual effects had always been there since I was a child.

In 2002, I started collaborating with local and international art and advertising companies, working in the field of animation and visual effects. With my natural talent and dedication, I eventually became a professional director in 2014. I’m proud to say that I have produced video clips for many famous singers, which showcase my unique style and high-quality work.

In addition to my animation work, I also had the incredible opportunity to direct San Marino’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. It was a huge honor to work on such a prestigious international event and showcase my creativity as a director.

My artistic vision, dedication to my craft, and desire to continually improve myself are what drives me. I’m highly respected in the animation and visual effects industry, and I’m known for my exceptional work. Currently, I’m working on my own short films, which I’m very excited about.

Overall, I’m an accomplished artist and director, and I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to pursue my passion for animation and visual effects.

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